Jim Nolan Private Eye - The Death of Anderson Buchwald by Mike Murphy

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Boston's famous private investigator Albert Nolan is missing. Jim (Russell Gold), an estate agent by trade, returns to the family business in the interim to keep it going with his mother Gladys. While searching for his father Jim solves different cases on the side.
Set in the 1970s, Jim Nolan Private Eye - a serial now in its sixteenth episode -contains all the elements necessary for good detective tales: multiple suspects, suspicious law enforcement officers, people who say things and mean precisely the opposite, and a long-time girlfriend Helen Bagley (Kim Gianopoulos) who supports Jim through thick and thin - even filling in as a telephone operative when necessary.
The Death of Anderson Buchwald involves the death of a rich old man Anderson Buchwald (Sky McDougall), who married for the second time, much to the disgust of his daughter Amelia (Heather Farrar). She asks Jim to investigate in the hope of pinning the blame for Anderson's death on his second wife Virginia (Natalie Stanfield Thomas). As with all detective thrillers, things do not quite go to plan, and Jim becomes involved in a labyrinthine plot to discover what really happened, while discovering at the same time that Amelia's interests are not what she professes. Her brother Glenn (Mat Weller) also hopes for a quick conviction in the hope of advancing his business interests. There is also a law enforcement officer, Sheriff Roscoe Finnegan (Sky McDougall again) who seems more interested in filling his stomach than solving the case.
The action unfolds at a great lick, linked by a Narrator (Katie Dehnart) who, while admiring Jim's spirit in keeping the business going on his father's behalf, nonetheless remains alive to his shortcomings. Although this episode does not really suggest the 1970s setting, it is nonetheless an entertaining listen. I look forward to encountering Jim's further adventures in the future.

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